Body Awareness For Children

It’s so important we encourage children to ‘listen’ to their body when it’s sending them signals. Their physical sensations will almost always tell them more about their safety (or lack of) in a given situation than their limited cognitive experience. Once we help them understand the signals their bodies send when danger is near, we …

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Learn to speak your child's language

Here’s What You Need To Know If Your Child Speaks A Different Love Language

You’re jabbering away in English and your children are trying to communicate in Italian or Spanish. So, what happens when your child doesn’t speak the same ‘love language’ as you?  Firstly – don’t blame yourself!  It’s common for families to have children who each speak a different language (sweet …). What we need to realise is that …

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What is Belly Breathing

What is Belly Breathing?

Belly breathing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to calm your body’s response to stressful situations. Here’s how you can shortcut the amygdala and send a message directly from your diaphragm to your brain, saying ‘dude, chill – it’s all good here!’ https://youtu.be/CWUwiglK66A Total Parenting TransformationEver wondered what happy, connected and unified …

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What Are Emotions?

We all feel emotion. It’s part of what makes us human. Anger, sadness, fear, happiness and love are emotions almost every human has felt at some time of their lives. But what are emotions, how do they differ from feelings, and why are they important? Understanding the difference between emotions and feelings While feelings and …

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